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What the Business administration services package represents? What is the business administration services package?
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What is the business administration services package?

Acting as the Sole executive body

What does this mean? Client signs a contract with VISTA Management for Business administration services.

Consequently for the registration of the Client with the Russian tax authorities, VISTA Management becomes and acts as the sole executive body of the Client's Company.

Actual address submission

What does this mean? For the registration of the Client's company with the Russian tax authorities the actual address of Managing company (VISTA Management) automatically becomes the registered and actual address of the Client's company. Whereby, the actual and registered address for the Client's company will be one of Moscow respectable multifunctional business centers' address, that will help to avoid any problems connected with the mass registration addresses (list of addresses used by many companies for the registration with the Russian tax authorities).

Administrative support for the Client's Company

Making use of VISTA Management Business administration services, the Client's Company resolves two main difficulties on the initial stage of registration - Client's Company gets a registered address and acting managing director. Moreover Client's Company has an actual office providing full range of administrative support:

  • Administrative stuff is ready to provide full range of administrative support upon the Client's request
  • Business center where the Client's company would be registered disposes of multifunctional meeting rooms which can be used any time upon the preliminary inquiry

Migration services

Legal services connected with processing the package of necessary documents with regard to a foreign employee of Company's Client, which is to work in Moscow, including:

  • obtaining of Employment Permit in Russia
  • obtaining of personal Work Permits for foreign employees
  • obtaining of Accreditation Cards for foreign employees
  • obtaining of Invitations for Russian single 3 months term work visas ("foreign employee visa") for foreign employees
  • transfer of single work visas into multiple work visas ("foreign employee visas") valid up to 6/12 months and its registration
  • registration of Client's Company with the Passport and Visa Department

Accounting services

Services related to financial and tax accounting and submission of all statutory reports to the tax authorities for the period of the first three months from the moment the Client's Company is registered, including:

  • creation of the Financial and Tax Accounting Policy
  • creation of all the required accounting and tax registers
  • preparation and submission to the tax and other fiscal and statistics authorities of all the statutory financial and tax reports
  • payroll calculations

HR processing services

Services related to processing of all required HR documentation for the period of the first three months from the moment the Client's Company is registered, including:

  • personnel list
  • annual leave schedule
  • orders required for:
    - employment and dismissal of personnel
    - making changes in salary amounts of employees
    - transfers of employees to other positions
    - bonus payments
    - provision of annual leaves and etc.
  • labor books

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