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Form of legal presence in Russia influences all aspects of activity including possibility for making deals and tax consequences of the deals, financial and tax accounting and reporting, possibilities under customs, currency control legislation, ability to employ foreign nationals, repatriation of income, application of international treaties and many others. Therefore, particular attention must be paid to Russian business modeling to be made PRIOR setting up legal presence in Russia.

Legal services:

1. Registration of an entity in Russia*
    - Representative office of a foreign company
    - Branch office of a foreign company
    - Russian Limited Liability Company
    - Private Joint Stock Company
For any of the above forms, VISTA will:
  • prepare all the documents necessary for registration
  • register your company with all relevant state structures (accreditation chambers, tax authorities, statistics committee, social, medical, pension funds)
  • represent your firm with state structures
  • open bank accounts
Accounting services**

For the first three months VISTA will:
    1. Develop your firm's accounting and tax policy
    2. Handle all bookkeeping
    3. Conduct payroll operations
    4. File all necessary accounting reports with tax authorities
3 reasons to outsource accounting services
  1. Experienced and bilingual accounting personnel is required. Why?

      -  Russian financial and tax accounting standards differ from generally accepted      worldwide;

      -  Accounting should be made in Russian and with use of special statutory forms      and accounts;

      -   Accountants of a foreign company subsidiary should speak English , at least to      communicate with the Headquarters. BUT professionals speaking foreign      languages are rare and , thus expensive ;

      -  Transformation of Russian accounting data into a form understandable by      Shareholders .

  2. Accounting requires deep and extensive knowledge in other areas including civil law, taxation, currency and exchange transactions rules, operations at customs, labor and migration issues and etc. Why should you employ much staff? Employ VFBS which has all specialists and may guarantee full compliance of accounting and reporting without wasting extra time and money .

  3. Liaison with the tax authorities is troublesome .

Consulting services:

Consultations on corporate, labor, tax, currency control, and migration legislation (up to 10 hours)*** VISTA specialists will provide more detailed advice on the most important aspects of Russian legislation for business.

* Choose one entity to be registered
** Accounting services provided at a fixed flat fee for initial three month period, provided no sales are made during this period (which can be provided at additional cost). VISTA can continue providing accounting services after the start-up period.
*** More consultations available at VISTA's hourly rates

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