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Legislative Updates

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2015: Changes to the immigration legislation
As of 29th of June 2015 amendments to the process of making corrections to the work permits (patents) came into force.

New in legislation regarding employment of standard work permit holders

New in legislation regarding employment of highly qualified specialist work permit holders

Starting 12 December 2014 new labour regulations for foreign workforce
Starting 12th of December 2014 a new chapter is introduced to the Russian Labour Code which will specifically regulate employment of foreign nationals and stateless persons in Russia

Correction of Quota
19.02.2010 - VISTA Foreign Business Support would like to notify you that as of January 18, 2010 the Interregional Information Business Centre started to accept amended Quota 2010 applications for employment of foreign nationals.

The latest development of the Migration legislation
18.01.2010 - Hereby, we would like to inform you on the latest development of the Migration legislation.

Re-registration of Incorporation documents and information on shareholders of LLC
03.06.2009 - TERM FOR RE-REGISTRATION: 1 July 2009 through 31 December 2009. Federal Law No 312-FZ ?On changes to Part 1 of the Civil Code and other laws of the Russian Federation introduced changes to Law No 14-FZ ?On limited liability companies?, Civil Code and Law No 129-FZ ?On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs?, to be effective starting 1 July 2009.

Non quota positions
02.06.2009 - Hereby we would like to inform you that the Decree N 132n ?On positions for foreign national?s not requiring quota to work in Russia in 2009? was published on the 13th of May 2009.

Amendments to quota application for the year 2009
12.01.2009 - With this letter VISTA Foreign Business Support would like to notify you that starting from January 12, 2009 the Interregional Information Business centre has started to accept corrections for foreign employees quota applications for the year 2009.

Probable changes to the Russian corporate and other taxation.
21.11.2008 - Before the end of November the Russian Parliament (State Duma) is likely to approve material changes to the Russian tax legislation.

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