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Changes of the migration notification rules

In this letter VISTA Foreign Business Support would like to notify you that certain ?hanges to the migration notification procedures came into force on March 25th 2011 and they are as follows:

  • Migration notification can be done both at the residency address of the foreign national as well as at the address of the Employer.
  • Allowable time-frame requited for registration increased. Previously all foreign nationals were required to register within 3 days upon arrival, according to the new law foreign nationals of all categories are now required to register within 7 days upon arrival.
  • Foreign nationals (applicable to highly qualified specialists only) that own residential property in Russia may act as an inviting party to his/her family members and register them at the aforementioned residence
  • A foreign national is no longer liable for violating registration requirements, i.e. failing to register at the place of residence. The above does not apply to foreign nationals who act as an inviting party to himself/herself and fail to register themselves.
  • Foreign nationals that are exempt from visa requirements, (mainly applies to citizens of CIS countries) and arrive to Russia to work as a highly qualified specialist will be registered for the validity of their work permits, without additional approval for extension of the migration registration by all relevant migration authorities of the RF.

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- Dear All

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