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Intergovernmental Agreement ?On legal status of Migrant Workers and their family members?

We would like to inform you on entry into legal force of the intergovernmental Agreement ?On legal status of Migrant Workers and their family members? signed between Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation).

As it appears from the title of the document, the Agreement is aimed at more favorable conditions of employment on the territory of the other country for citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Thus, the Agreement stipulates the following benefits for the above mentioned citizens:

  • No quota system when employing migrant workers from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia
  • No work permit requirement for migrant workers? labor activity
  • The legal base for stay / work of a migrant worker in the country of employment is a signed labor agreement (as such the employment of a migrant worker is recorded in accordance with the same principles as those applicable for local nationals)
  • In case of pre-term termination of a labor agreement (upon 90 days as of the entry of a migrant worker to the employment country), an employee has still the right to sign another labor agreement with a new employer, and continue the stay / work in the country of employment without need to leave the country
  • Migrant workers and their family members are allowed to stay without registration within 30 days from the date of arrival to the country of employment. The period of stay for an employee and his family is regulated by the validity of the signed labor agreement
  • Cohabitant children of migrant workers have the right to attend pre-school facilities and have access to education on equal terms with local citizens of the particular country.

Apparently the Agreement facilitates stay and work of these foreign nationals in either of these countries. And there is a chance that this Agreement is just the beginning on the way to facilitation of general migration procedures for foreign nationals arriving for work.

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