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VFBS prides itself on its unique ability to provide FULL support to foreign companies entering the Russian market and to those already doing business in Russia using different corporate structures and business schemes. Along with legal services VFBS also provides consultations on Russian tax and accounting legislation and practice.

Our specialists have unparalleled experience in world-leading consulting companies and in industry itself, this gives us the unique capacity to see your problems as both insider and outsider. We are not only outsourced experts, analyzing and keeping up to date with changing legislation; we are also users of legislation ourselves. This unique perspective allows us to see a client's problems through their eyes.

VFBS policy is to provide practical and realistic solutions and advice which can be used in the real world. This means that our specialists will consider your problem from every angle but will first and foremost deal with your problem as if it were our own. Our specialists will keep in mind: the individual specifics of the client's business, corporate and shareholder practice and policies, the client's administrative resources, customs and currency control, financial and tax accounting methodology, liaison and possible disputes with the tax authorities, and any other aspects which may affect the outcome.

VFBS specialists are bilingual with a good command of both spoken and written language and are capable of providing comprehensive advice in Russian and English and, under special request, in Italian.

Our consultancy services include:

1. Corporate structuring
2. Deals structuring
3. Tax planning
4. Employment structuring

Corporate structuring

On the basis of a business strategy we can analyze all the practical aspects and consequences of the business, advise on problems and risks arising from civil, tax, currency control, customs, administration and provide the most advantageous solutions. Our clients can come to us with the outlines of a business proposal and we will help them to create a workable and effective business plan.

Deals structuring

Whether proposing or committing to a deal, close attention should be paid to tax, currency control and customs legislation. Delivery and payment terms, the use of an agency and provision/receipt of services from/to outside of Russia should be thoroughly considered to avoid creating problems with either business partners or the tax authorities. Our clients can request comprehensive advice for their partners, who may need reassurance before committing to a deal with them. VFBS specialists also have experience in the application of international treaties on the avoidance of double taxation and operations with offshore structures.

Tax planning

Shareholders generally prefer a company to keep within the margins of their projected taxable income, meaning that management may have to come up with schemes to either decrease taxable income or avoid losses or a suspiciously low level of income. In order to do this effectively, management may require professional advice on legal tax planning schemes, including the presentation of them to their shareholders, and our specialists have all the experience necessary to do this.

Employment structuring

One of the key issues may be the employment structuring of foreign national specialists and their assignment in Russia. This structuring should done looking at not just the relevant legislation but also at the practicalities involved. For example, multinational companies very often find that foreign national employees from countries with a highly developed social security system prefer to account their income on their home country payroll. However, employers thinking of the costs involved are eager to recharge the expenses to the Russian subsidiaries.

Employment structuring will inevitably encompass the tax and accounting of compensation packages. VFBS specialists have significant experience in taxation, accounting and in the administration of compensations. Clients may also be provided with depictive and comprehensive advice on compensation calculation methods, rules of deductibility for corporate income tax purposes, documentation of compensation payments, including employment agreements, accounting and tax policy of the company, internal company legislative acts, etc.

Employees may also be required to file their taxes or want to find out about some of the benefits provided by Russian tax legislation. VFBS is proud to offer individual income tax services of high quality at a competitive price.

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